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• At Rez-Tech’s Plastic Jar Division, creating the best plastic jar packaging available is more than just a process. It's an obsessive burning desire to create client value through our innovative plastic container manufacturing solutions. Rez-Tech is bringing plastic jar manufacturing back to USA in true excellence. • But there's more to our plastic jar and container packaging than just plastic…. It’s our PEOPLE.
• Our people provide value-added “tech” services that you usually don't expect from a plastic jar packaging manufacturer. Rez-Tech's people provide everything from personalized customer packaging service and custom jar design, to tracking delivery and container inventory programs to exceed your needs. 
 • Our commitment to teamwork, our flexible distributed jar manufacturing technologies, and Rez-Tech packaging capabilities allow us to surpass your expectations by providing jar design, container packaging, co-packaging services that make YOU money and puts your product in your customer’s “carts”. With all this in place, you, the client, appreciates that Rez-Tech’s Plastic Jar Division really is molding the packaging industry just for YOU.

Plastic Barrel Jar , stock # BP173V, is all NEW FDA PET plastic round jar with wrap label panel protected by the barrel bands. New novel Snap or 120mm thread finish with S-A-F-E tamper evident  (TE) ring used with special lid
Barrel Plastic Jar # BP173V Max Pak
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Plastic Barrel Jar , stock # BP173V, 173  fluid ounces (1.35 gallons or 5.125 liters) is an all NEW clear PET Plastic round jar with wrap label panel protected by the barrel bands. New novel Snap or 120mm thread finish with S-A-F-E tamper evident  (TE) ring used with optional TE  thread lid  # 420T.  This barrel has a "VENTED" thread for product heat and vapor equalization. ALL vented (V) jars are NOT LIQUID TIGHT.  For liquids and powders try our NON-Vented versions of same plastic jar.  This plastic jar is made from recyclable Clear FDA PET plastic for a more sustainable solution.  Great plastic jar for snacks such as a cheese ball jar, chips container, popcorn tin, pork rind barrel.  This reusable storage container is great as a toy container, craft kit, hobby jar, donation jar.  Order This NOW

Get These 1 Gallon Barrels while They Last!
This, SOLD OUT , Plastic Barrel Keg

SOLD OUT , SALE OVER, The Jar Man must sell these barrels ASAP, my warehouse and shipping coordinator is pleading with me " We can't move these plastic barrels, Please sell them to make room for our new equipment" . Well we did it, got rid of all B04T plastic jar barrels. I am going to relist them on our web site. Clear Plastic Barrel Keg jar # B04T with two oval label panels. $1.34 each when you check out. Check out by clicking HERE for PLASTIC BARREL KEG